Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Playing with Altered Art

You know how you have a list of things that you would love to have a play with, but never seem to have the time...well my list is long..hehe, but I did make time to have a play with some Altered Art the last few weeks. I had slowly collected bits and pieces here and there, storing them up for my first attempt and finally decided it was time to have a sit down and play.

I must admit it was fun playing with pictures of people I knew...like in this picture of my little family (giving my husband fairy wings..hehe), the picture was taken at my sister-in-laws wedding and the photo of the old house, is the old house on my fathers farm...it holds alot of great memories for me, as we used to go camping in it when we were kids! I would love to do some more and am sure I will in the future...but for now I have to get back to work and sew up a storm...hehe!

Hugs Michelle x

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