Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blundells Cottage Canberra

What a stunning little cottage nestled on the banks of Lake Burley Griffin. Parliament House in the background against the back drop of Brindabella Mountains. Blundell Cottage was built in 1860's by the Campbell family on the Duntroon Estate for their head ploughman. Later the Blundell family were to reside in the tiny cottage. It is very picturesque and I do hope I have captured some of the ambience we felt while there. The picture is the view from the back of the cottage, with my gorgy hubby Steve in uniform.
This is the front of the little Cottage. Lovely big pencil pines aline around this quaint Cottage. The gardens were just stunning, full of cottage plants, banks of lavender in the back garden, so reminisant of the era.

This is Nette sitting on the bench set in front of the cottage.

The two side windows are the bedrooms. With the back window and chimney being the kitchen

This is the back view of the kitchen. The little white door leads into the back of the house. The building to the right is the shed. Lots of pictures of the goodies from in there too, in a further post.
Next post I will show you around the inside of the Cottage :) Blessin's Nette

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