Sunday, May 27, 2007

Inside Blundells Cottage Canberra

I did promise you a look about the inside of Blundells here are those photos. This is just inside the front door. I dare say it would have been the sitting room or palor as it would have been known.
Just off this room was the front
bedroom. The stunning wrough iron bed was adorned with a shabby patchwork quilt, reminicant of the times. Some of the items for hair care looked more like tools of torture. The curling iron looked like it would pinch. The things girls will do to look pretty :)

This was the little back bedroom. It was only as wide as the bed was long. To the left:-Seeing as the Cottage was extended at one point, I was thinking this was the original kitchen area. I love the old bath tub, however not good for a good stretch and soak.
As this was only a 4 room cottage. The extensions being added at a later date. A bigger kitchen and storage rooms. The old stove sits in a fireplace alcove. Really adds to the charm of the old cottage. Some of the kitchen utensils that would have been used during that era. The butter
press to make the perfect block of butter. The potato squeeze. Of course the all important weights.
Some of the plates and items would have been stored in cupboards similar to this. If you click
to enlarge the photo, you will see the pictures from some of the residents in the cottage.
Now this is the all important 'fridge' now do you think I can recall the name of it. Anyway, the tray on top is where you put the block of ice or water. It drips down a small hole in the middle of the tray onto the Hessian, that is the bit that looks like a pyramid and down either side of the small doors to a tray below. This in turn keeps the goodies inside cool. It was a metal structure inside and would have kept things quite well I of course the oil heater in the picture was added in recent me, it was cool in Canberra and it sure added a homey warmth to the Cottage.
A great collection or irons from the period. No wonder we wanted the wash and wear range. How much work to use these beauties.
Next installment will be the outside shed and yard. Blessin's Nette


Amanda said...

I have one of those old irons, from my nanna unfortunately she decided to paint it gold at some point to use as a door stop. Wonder if there is anything I can do about it. Well it is in my sewing room anyway another thing I can't throw out...

Monica said...

Hi Nette, love the pics! They stole my cupboard though, will show you on P4P!
Hugs, Mon