Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Home Alone!!

Can you hear that?????'s silence..hehe, my 2 kids Josh and Sophie are both at camp this week (to the snow and bush walking), so I have 4 whole days of peace and school lunches to pack, the house stays clean, no fights to referee, i don't have to fight to use and I can get on a creative roll ....with no it should be good!
But it feels really I have been made reduntant or something..hehe..and I have just had a girlfriend point out to me how accident prone my Sophie is..and that she has her fingers crossed for me, that I don't get a phone call or that she doesn't come home in a cast..Lordy me I hadn't even thought of now I am!
In saying that...we can't live our lives on a "what if" or "maybe"...what will be ..will be..opps nearly slipped into a Doris Day song then!

Hugs Michelle xxx

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