Sunday, December 30, 2007

We are still!

WOW...the last few months have just flown...Santa's elves (aka:Michelle and Nette..tehe) where busy sewing madly.. filling orders for all the good boys and girls..hehe! We have had a few fun things happen over the last few start with Nette flew down to Melbourne again stayed with Michelle..yeah..her main reason though was for hubby Steve's graduation, at Point Cook Air Force Base...he is an officer now..wooohoooo, will let Nette full you in on all that. While Nette was here we went out to lunch with a good friend of our Kerry owner of "My Favourite Things", Kerry designs wonderful dolls, teddy's and quilts just to name a few...check out her pattern range at Kerry is such fun, we always have a good laugh and chat so much when we get together with her. We HAD to stop for a little shop at our favourite scrapbooking shop "Florewen Arts & Crafts"! Of course lots of chatting was done, we had a play with some Altered art and we even celebrated Steve's birthday while they where here...take note of the jet planes on/in the cake..tehehe..remember he is an officer in the Australian Air force!

Hugs Michelle x

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