Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boho Bracelets

Well I have been busy again making some stunning Bohemian bracelets. I needed a few new things to go away on holidays...and why not some great home made beading. I have lots of fun putting them together to go with the few new outfits....hope you enjoy peeking hugs Nette

Thanks Erica...yes am planning on putting the three grandies pic's on the little oval charms...just haven't got that far as yet..te he..

Thanks Chrissy...funny you should say that..Michelle said the same thing...LOL....




Erica said...

Wow Nette, they are FABULOUS!!! With the bottom one can you put little photos in those frames?????
Hugs Erica

KernowWitch said...

You clever girl Nette, they are beautiful. Is there no end to your talents....They would look great on me...hehe...Hugs Chrissy xx