Friday, August 31, 2007

Picket Fence Inspiration!!

While reading a blog from one of our Friends at "A Gathering of Crows", I got inspired at a picket fence I saw, Tonya had made herself a little picket fence as a back drop to her flowers..she made them out of wooden garden stakes, what a great idea and it looked fantastic, if you would like to see Tonya's fence you can visit her blog at...

Tonya is even considering making them up for sale..maybe smaller versions, but with signs to go with them as well..what a great it did take a bit of fiddling to get the stakes to stay where I wanted them too...and hammer and hammer and to buy ready made would have been so much easier!

As I had been out in the garden with the wonderful weather we have had, I got all inspired and instead of thinking "I must do that one day"...I got to it and made myself 2 picket fences there and then, of course they will look much better when they have weathered a bit, but I wanted to share..hehe! Thankyou Tonya for the inspiration and don't forget to check out Tonya's blog!

Hugs Michelle xxx

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Tonya said...

Thanks Michelle, That is for the post, I am so happy that my blog and fence inspired you. Love your picket fence it turned out beautiful.
Hugs, Tonya