Friday, August 31, 2007

Primming Up My Kitchen Window!

I have been thinking on it for awhile now, what I was going to do with my Kitchen I decided to make myself some curtains from stained calico, I put up a rusty barnstar as a feature..then I was on a painted my breadbox black and some little draws black too..then I stenciled "1812" on them..seeing as we use that date alot in our own craft, it's a little like our signature date..hehe! Now I unfortunately don't have a before and after shot..dratts..but there was only a small florally ruffle that went across the top of the window...not no more..hehe!

Hugs Michelle xxx


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle & Nette,

Love the blog.

I have nominated you for a Name Tag Game - please visit my blog "sewprimfriends" to have some fun. Hugs, Khris

Anonymous said...

Looks great Michelle. I have tagged you girls for a Name Tag Blog game. Take a look at my blog "sewprimfriends" to have some fun. Hugs, Khris

Tonya said...

Michelle, you have an award waiting for you at my blog. Congratulations.