Sunday, December 30, 2007

Vintage Glitter and alot of Memories!

Every year I decorate for Christmas in a primitive handmade sort of style...the kids love it..but...there was something missing they told me? "Bright lights and tinsel"...yikes!!..ok I can do this.. Christmas is all about the kids, so they! If I am having's going to be vintage tinsel..haha.. this takes me on a search through ebay, looking at all the vintage Christmas things (which I found amusing that I had hit vintage statice at 37 years and did I have a ball, it was loads of fun hunting around seeing ornaments, decorations and cards that we had at home when I was a child.

It brought back loads of memories, some of the decorations were like flash cards. Mum did a wonderful job of decorating the kitchen and front lounge with twisted streamers running across the ceilings and the paper accordion like bells and balls..setting up the tree was always exciting, that meant "Father Christmas" (as my mum calls him) would soon be coming. Christmas Eve all five of us children would put our pillow cases (slips) under the tree, from eldest to youngest..Ann, Margaret, Andrew, Craig and Michelle (me) ...a glass of lemonade and 2 ginger nut biscuits (cookies), I remember I wasn't a big fan of ginger nuts and wondered why we didn't leave him something yummier like tictoc biscuits..hehe...oddly enough, both my parents love ginger nut biscuits! I remember one Christmas Eve lying in bed wishing myself to sleep, when I heard a baby cry...alot?? and another year I could have sworn I heard a bike bell outside? Years later my mum told me about dad accidentally pulling the dummy out of my crying dolls mouth and test driving my bike up and down the drive way Christmas Eve when we were little..he he! Here is a picture of my Vintage Aluminum Pom Pom Tree that I won on ebay from the USA and the black and white picture is one from when I was little.

Hugs Michelle x

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